How long does it take?
Our team of artists work as fast as they can but sometimes we are very busy, we aim to get your hand-drawn portrait out to you in 2-3 days.

What currency are prices?
All prices on our store are in USD.

How is the portrait sent?
1. Your portrait will be digital so it will be emailed to you when it’s complete. 

2. If you want to your drawing as print (Canvas or Framed) version. Click Here

Printing Options

Are you interested in turning your digital cartoon portrait into a physical print? At Make Me Cartoons, we offer the option to have your artwork printed and delivered right to your doorstep. Read on to learn more about our printing services and how to get started.

If you want to have your digital cartoon portrait printed, we have four options available:

  1. Frame: You can choose to have your artwork printed and framed. We offer a variety of frame styles to suit your preferences.
  2. Canvas: Alternatively, you can opt for a canvas print. Canvas prints provide a unique and artistic look to your portrait.
  3. T-Shirt:  A classic unisex t-shirt that works well with any outfit. Made of a heavier cotton with a double-stitched neckline and sleeves.
  4. White Glossy Mug:  This beautiful ceramic mug is perfect for any event of the day. Your morning coffee, a hot chocolate, or any other hot beverage you enjoy. 

Ordering Process

To order a print of your digital cartoon portrait, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website at https://www.makemecartoons.com/collections/get-your-artwork-printed.
  2. Select the desired printing option (frame or canvas).
  3. Upload your digital cartoon portrait.
  4. Choose the size and any additional customization options.
  5. Proceed to checkout and provide your shipping information.


Once you have placed your order for a printed version of your digital cartoon portrait, we will take care of the rest. Here's what you can expect:

  • Free Delivery: We offer free delivery for all print orders.
  • Delivery Time: Depending on your location and the availability of our delivery service provider, you can expect your print to be delivered within 3-5 business days.

Transform your digital cartoon portrait into a stunning print that you can proudly display in your home or office. Order your print today and bring your artwork to life!

If you want to your drawing as print (Canvas or Framed, White Glossy Mug and iPhone Flexi Case) version. Click Here

What if I am not happy with my portrait?
Our artists are incredibly talented and always do an amazing job, however, sometimes working from a photo we miss the essence of the person and are always ready to make revisions until you are 100% happy with your portrait.

What can I have as my background?
Whatever you want! You just let us know your idea and we will make it happen.

Do pets count as a person?
Unfortunately yes.

Can I do whatever I want with my portrait?
Yes, absolutely, unlike some we put no restrictions on your portrait, it’s yours to do whatever you want with.

Can you work from more than one photo?
The more photos the better! Just make sure you’re clear about how you’d like your illustration drawn in the picture description and leave the rest up to us.

What quality should the photo I send to you be?
The better quality the photo the easier it will be for our artists to get a more accurate illustration of you on the other side. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know if we’re having any issues.

I have a large group I need doing?
No problem just drop us an email and we can discuss large jobs.

Will I be charged for changes to my order after it's been made?
It is the customer's responsibility to specify all details they would like in their order in the order notes. Any details not included in the order notes will be assumed by our artist and will result in additional charges if the customer requires changes.

What dimensions will my illustration come in?
The standard size (dimensions) are 16" x 12".(4800 x 3600 in Pixels) or 12" x 16"(3600 x 4800 in Pixels) If you would like a different size just let us know in your order notes, while you place an order :)

Do you ship to my country?
1. Anywhere in the world! Our basic product is the digital version(Jpeg or PNG) of the illustration which we deliver to your email.

2. For Print Order: Printing Partners are available in the below Countries.

What payment options are available?
The payment options available include credit card, debit card using by PayPal.

Can I send separate pictures of the characters I want drawn?
Absolutely! Feel free to upload pictures of people in a group or individually. As long as the images uploaded clearly show each person’s face and body features, our talented artists will have everything they need.

Can I get a preview of how my order will look like before placing an order?
That’d be cool! However, since our product is hand-drawn from scratch by real artists, we’ll be unable to get you a preview of how the picture would look like before ordering. Great news is you can request to amend your drawing once it’s completed.

What file type will my illustration come with?
Your completed artwork will be delivered in JPG or PNG format.